Final Reads

Final Reads, An Option for Your Practice

Real Radiology offers expert support with final reads for your business. Your clients become our primary focus, and, through our seamless, state-of-the-art system, we help you to increase productivity with Final Reports. Over the past three years, Real Radiology has seen a dramatic increase in the percentage of clients requesting Final Reports.

No longer will your radiologists face a backlog of prelims to interpret from the night before. 

Another reason for Final Reports – Many Real Radiology clients find they can expand their business to include Final Reports on subspecialties where budget constraints would not allow for a full-time radiologist.

Real Radiology’s Final Teleradiology Reads Offer:

  • Expansion with subspecialties
  • Coverage 24/7/365 days per year
  • Seamless study sending and report receipt workflow into the desired platforms (PACS, Billing Software), tailored to your specifications
  • More manageable workloads (no more morning backlogs) 
  • Improving patient-care options (freeing up rooms/beds)
  • Increasing quality of life for our client’s radiologists
  • Secure ACR, DICOM, and HIPAA compliant environment
  • Potential to improve the time between diagnosis and treatment
  • Quality assurance program with constant internal and external collaboration
  • Randomly assigned Independent Peer Reviews and submission to RADPEER

Regardless of your size or where your facility is located, Real Radiology provides consistent quality and turn-around time reporting.