“White Glove” Support for Your Radiology Practice

We understand and accept the responsibility of delivering reliable service. Real supports teleradiology service needs for all types of clientele. Among the largest portion of our client base are independent radiology groups and hospital radiologists. 

Real Radiology is 100% non-competitive. We seek opportunities to support and enhance your radiology team, not replace it. The Real Radiology team works mindfully to provide clients with the best teleradiology services available, and Real Radiology is here 24/7/365.

To us, White Glove Support means maintaining high-quality service and meeting turn-around-times to provide each client, their ED care providers, and referring physicians with best-in-class patient care. Real Radiology mirrors the commitments of each client – in delivering quality and timely patient care. While doing so, our clients’ radiologists and care providers experience QOL improvement.

Prospects searching for new teleradiology services are often disappointed in the incumbents’ turnaround times (TAT) or quality assurance (QA), and in some situations, both! We understand this isn’t very pleasant and should not happen. 

“What are your TATs”? and “How is your group’s QA”? are the (2) most commonly asked questions from a radiology group or facility when evaluating which teleradiology group will be the best fit. We believe each client deserves and should expect to receive White Glove Support from their teleradiology service provider, which include;

  • Accurate, timely communication
  • 24/7/365 Accessible physicians
  • Stable, intuitive, secure platform (RIS/PACS)
  • Expert-level implementation process
  • Seasoned, efficient credentialing staff
  • 24/7/365 customer support
  • 24/7/365 IT 
  • High retention of associates who are easy to work with

Having all of these makes Real Radiology stand-out.

White Glove Service From Real Radiology

What’s more important than having a good name? Continuing to earn it.

“We often refer to our support to radiologists (whether independent or using the employed-model) as “white glove” support. We don’t just provide coverage – we also share your same mission/vision in providing the highest quality radiology services for your care-providers and patients.

“Real Radiology’s physicians and customer support teams have made it easy and convenient to work with, all-the-while meeting our emergent TATs with efficient, quality reports. Our care-providers have noticed the positive difference since Real became TDIR’s teleradiology partner.”

— Dr. Jason Martens MD, Tulsa Diagnostic and Interventional Radiology/ Medical Staff President, Hillcrest Medical Center Tulsa, OK

Real Radiology is driven to earn the continued confidence of each client.