Built by Radiologists, for Radiologists

The physician-owners of Real Radiology manage the practice and actively read cases for our clients daily. Real’s physician-owners understand the quality of life benefits and financial rewards of working in teleradiology. They are fully engaged in reading radiologists, and expert-readers in emergent and subspecialty interpretations. Being physician-owned and operated, as a physician-candidate, you can trust that Real Radiology values our physician’s work, time, and schedule as a radiologist.

Career Opportunities

Physician Credentialing and Licensure

The Physician Services Specialist provides high-level support and project coordination for Department Operations and Physician On-boarding. Maintains efficient departmental functions by working closely with both internal staff/management and external customers. The specialist utilizes on-boarding processes to assist with the seamless integration of new providers. Also, responsibilities include all aspects of physician licensing, credentialing, and privileging.

TeleRadiologist Position Available – Board Certified / Eligible

Physician Candidate — Ready to Work for a Company That Knows and Respects Radiologists?

We are always looking for motivated, efficient radiologists who take pride in the work they do. To learn more about becoming a Real Radiologist, please fill out the confidential form below. We’d like to speak with you to determine if we’d be a good fit for a long term relationship.

Align Yourself With a Telerad Champion

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Why Radiologists Love Real Radiology

The most significant differential between Real Radiology and most other teleradiology companies is our continued commitment to patient care over profit. We have witnessed the loss of connection and attention from companies that have been bought out by private equity, and we strive to retain our understanding of not only our patient’s needs but also the needs of our reading radiologists. Here’s how:

Competitive Pay

Real Radiology’s compensation is among the highest in the industry. Real Radiology seeks out radiologists who are quality-readers and efficient in going through the worklist. Our owners are in the trenches alongside you, and they make sure to reimburse our physicians for their efficiency. The quality work our physicians do is invaluable to our patient care standards, and our compensation reflects that valuation.

Flexible Scheduling

Teleradiology offers the flexibility of working from home, wherever that may be in the United States. Real Radiology’s proprietary and innovative, physician scheduling provides a healthy work-life balance for our radiologists.

Equipped to Meet TAT

We want you to be proud of the work you do at Real Radiology. Our IT infrastructure, workflow, on-staff platform, customer, and IT support equip our radiologists to focus on patient care. Meeting TAT requirements and providing quality reports is what makes us proud. Additionally, for extra support to our radiologists and clients, one of Real Radiology’s physician-owners is always on call and supporting 24/7/365 when spikes in volume occur.

Pure Radiology

More often than not, radiologists (who are on-site) have mandatory meetings for hospital HR, new IT meetings, peer review meetings, executive meetings, department meetings, division meetings, rad-path meetings to attend. By associating with Real Radiology, you can do what you have a passion for – reading studies and helping care providers treat patients. No meetings, no commute.

“We have respect for our radiologists. We pay them the best in the market, and we also make sure we give them a shift that is doable because this is a lifestyle. We don’t make anyone work through the nights if they don’t prefer to. We make sure the radiologists who join Real Radiology are pleased with our company and remain with our company.”